Midwives of the New Earth

2020 has been quite a year.  There has been a lot of fear, a lot of unknowns, a lot of change.

We must all recognize that our Earth IS changing, being reborn.  For the women reading this who have birthed children, you know that if you stay calm and fluid through the journey, the birth is far less painful than if you freak out.

It’s the same here:  Each one of us must hold the perspective of love instead of fear, courage instead of flight.  It makes the Earth’s birthing process easier, literally changing environmental dynamics.

If we all agreed to help the Earth in her birthing process, we would see/experience a more graceful journey through it.

Here’s a couple of simple suggestions for how you can be a midwife to Earth:  recycle, reuse and repurpose – of course.  Equally important, if not more, allow the changes in your own life to be met with the perspective that they are opportunities for personal growth and rebirth, not punishments. It is Humanity’s consciousness that is the ultimate creator of events.

Remember, WE are ONE with ALL things.  The more we work together, the calmer and more fluid the birth of our NEW EARTH can be.

Peace, Joan.