“I first met Joan in the spring of 1992. My wife and I were referred to her by a therapist we’d been seeing early in our relationship. As two people in recovery, we were contemplating getting “married”. This was a major life decision and there wasn’t a blueprint that a same sex couple could follow, nor was there a manual to read that would help us. The therapist said she didn’t really have the tools we needed and touted Joan as being “uniquely qualified” to help us move into these uncharted waters. Joan was and remains highly respected in the field. We found that she had great capacity to help us navigate the uncharted waters of the self. Joan guided my wife and myself without judgement and collectively we created the blueprint that would become our future. Little did she know that she would become “attached to the hip” with these two crazy people who can’t seem to sort out their own shit.

She is known by many names, healer, teacher, mentor, shaman and a channel. But for the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Joan is that she is a gift. For the past 26 years, she has walked with me along the path of “happy” destiny that is my life. She has held me up when I was crushed with grief, loss and fear. She had enabled me to celebrate life’s joys. She introduced me to my higher self. Taught me how to be the best person I can be and remain flexible in a world of constant change. Through her I have learned that I am strong, I am wise, and I can trust my gut all while living a full life in this new world reality.

Joan is a trusted advisor and mentor and a friend. She can be nurturing and like a “velvet sledgehammer” all in the same moment. She doesn’t pass judgement, is kind and very caring, but also doesn’t hesitate to hit me with some hard truth when needed. All the work she does is in service to the greater good. Her goal is to help people find their true voice, and lead the to self-awareness and self-empowerment which in the end benefits all life.”
-Jane W.

“When I met Joan, I knew there was something about her that was unique, different from any therapeutic practitioner I’d met.  I immediately felt at ease; there was something genuine and trustworthy about her.

I worked with her for many years, in which her clarity and wisdom inspired me to be the best version of myself I could possibly be.  As I grew to know her, I came to see that she has a style and voice that is uniquely her own, tying in life experience with a vast knowledge of healing mediums such as crystal healing and massage.

I would highly recommend Joan to anyone who is looking to see a significant, positive change in their own lives, and in the world around them.”
-Anthony P.

“Joan is a passionate, caring, dedicated healer and facilitator. She has the ability to call forth the appropriate transformational energy from the Universal Matrix so that each person or event receives the highest benefit. I have the deepest honor and respect for her wisdom and experience.”
-Mollie S.

“A few days ago I downloaded a couple of Mp3 spoken meditations with wonderful words and voice tone from you. I just wanted to say a big thank you and share with how profound I feel your work is for me and I believe many others. In the future I would very much like to do more too. Please let me know of further opportunities to work with you.”
-Wendy N.

“Joan offers clients a comprehensive knowledge of various healing modalities that help the person change, transition and transform themselves into a self-empowered and fully expressing individual. …Having gone through her own metamorphosis …Joan acknowledges and respects each person’s process of self-development…she comes from her spirit and soul and leaves her ego aside. ……Joan provides the important service of being midwife to the birthing process, assisting the client to shed their conditioned identity and completely embrace their unique talents and the essence of their being.”
-Frank M. D.

“Joan has been such a supportive, nurturing guide on my walk, for the past 14 years. She has keen perception and insight that goes across multi dimensions. She is practical with her recommendations, so that following her guidance can be achieved. Joan is a facilitator of growth for me, to help me achieve my highest potential… which I am continue to strive for daily.  She does all of this with humility, humor and grace. What a blessing to me and others!”
-Caitlin A.

“Hello Joan…I have been meaning to write to you again…I got your free protection download and it was so incredibly powerful…I felt transformed by it. Almost spiritually dumbfounded – blitzed/blessed by its power. It was really amazing. Thank you for your powerful work and assistance. Namaste, Barb”
-Barb S.

“Joan has helped me transform my life; her knowledge, compassion and spiritual guidance is limitless. I have become a stronger and healthier person with her help. I am forever grateful.”
-Lisa L.

“I have been privileged to know Joan for many years. Throughout this time, her amazing insight, perspective, and counsel have helped shape me to who I am today…I am eternally grateful for all Joan has done for myself and for the entire global community!  Peace.”
-Lauren A.

“Hello Joan, You have been a big help to me. As you had said…there was a big release in the physical symptoms I was experiencing. Emotionally and spiritually I am feeling significantly better. I have started working on myself…but haven’t been able to do it as often as you recommended. However, I can feel energy and insight and thought patterns are moving…I have released a lot of fear…and am definitely more in the flow. Thank you.”
-Barbara S.

“Having known Joan several years I find she is very warm, caring and fun to be with. Her intuition is very accurate and she has much knowledge to share. It is an asset to be in her company.”
-Anne-Marie S.

“Whether in a group setting or one on one, Joan has always made an impact on my soul and she opens my heart. She is truly a gifted healer and loving channel of Spirit’s light. For all the years I have experienced Joan, I know she has offered herself fully to doing Spirit’s work with grace and integrity. If it is your time to heal and you are called to Joan, do not doubt your calling. It is your truth and opportunity knocking at your door and Joan is your Guide. Thank you Joan, for your beautiful heart and sharing your exquisite gifts with us.”
-Donna R.

“I trusted you from the first time I met you…you are a truly gifted healer. You have helped me physically and psychically many times…Working with you has allowed me to be confident in allowing my center to shine and to…lead the way in my spiritual growth. You have affirmed for me what I have always truly known in my core…You have the ability to facilitate physical healing, spiritual growth and mental clarity and I am so blessed to have you in my life. I encourage everyone to work with you because I know that it will help to shift their world towards their own personal growth and healing.”
-Marisa C.

“Joan, thank you for my recent healing session last week…your healing gifts have enabled me to focus on fostering my own sense of wellness while also being open to the positive energies that are around me. The session served as a reorientation for me and I am more focused on living with a sense of true mindfulness…I have benefitted from the energy work…it definitely enhances my sense of peace and wellness.”
-Dr. Bernie C.

“In the decade that I have known Joan Angarano, I have witnessed a devoted and transformative being, whose own soul’s evolution is as much a part of her healing presence as her deep sensitivity and honed abilities. Her integrity, on all levels, is the very basis for her power. Her devotion to honesty and…intensity of being radiates this truth and purity and is evident in the very fabric of her actions and words…Her laughter is contagious and the depth of her work is such that anyone who experiences any contact with her is likely to be very powerfully touched, in ways that will continue to heal, open and expand for many years to come.”
-Dr. Terry D.

I have experienced a deep level of love and wisdom through Joan’s work. It feels based within the ancient sacred cultures of this Earth and beyond. She holds a space of the highest integrity and compassion to allow your true essence to be revealed. I would refer anyone to Joan who is seeking to create significant change in their lives with someone who as the tools to guide them on their journey.”
-Dr. Lyle P.

“…it has always been my experience that Joan’s motives and intent are pure, from the heart. She is a genuine server of and gift to humanity. Thank you, Joan.”
-Karen W.